BOTW Player Glitches Into First-Person View Without Master Cycle

BOTW Player Glitches Into First-Person View Without Master Cycle

A recent Breath of the Wild glitch comes from a player who found how to enter a first-person perspective without using the Master Cycle DLC.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s open-world has led to several discoveries years after its release in 2017 – including a recent glitch, which comes from a player who found an easier thanks to entering a first-person perspective without using the Master Cycle DLC. While glitches in games with such cast open worlds are seemingly inevitable, BOTW developers deliberately left some entertaining glitches within the game.

While Breath of the Wild may be a largely third-person experience, the thought of exploring the planet of Hyrule (or other Nintendo titles) in first-person is appealing to some; such a lot so that in 2019, Nintendo released a pair of VR goggles as a neighbourhood of the Nintendo Labo collection. However, it didn’t fulfil expectations. Thankfully, a team of talented modders are performing on a Breath of the Wild VR experience, which will. Until that mod comes out, though, there’s differently to urge a glimpse of the sport through a first-person perspective.

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Thanks to Reddit user, Diamond-Herobrine, it’s now known that players can enter a first-person view – a feat previously only thought possible with the Master Cycle, a vehicle only available after purchasing the DLC content in Breath of the Wild. The post includes a video of the glitch and how to accomplish it, showing a sophisticated array of inputs that cause the change in perspective. Diamond-Herobrine assures users within the comments that it’s not as difficult because the video might make it look, but it’s safe to mention this still won’t be for beginners.

You can go into first person mode without needing the dlc!!!! from Breath_of_the_Wild

Unfortunately, as interesting as this glitch sounds, it cannot stay active throughout the sport. As another user acknowledged within the comments, this first-person view won’t last through combat and other in-game events. Players can still throw weapons during this mode, but anything that might normally deactivate the camera rune, like running, jumping, or swinging a sword, will bring the first third-person perspective back. This won’t be as practical as other Breath of the Wild glitches, but it does offer a singular perspective that some are hoping to ascertain.

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The Legend of Zelda:¬†Breath of the Wild’s endurance seems to stay according to each passing year, and its gameplay remains driving players to get more about its intricacies and potential glitches. The way this game is played has changed over the years, partially thanks to such exploration efforts, and such an approach could be ready to withstand the test of your time even after the Breath of the Wild sequel comes out.

Source: Diamond-Herobrine/Reddit