Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3 trailers tease big changes afoot

Bayonetta 3 and Splatoon 3 trailers tease big changes afoot

Nintendo’s recently concluded Direct naturally had something for all kinds of gamers looking forward to spending their winter days with their beloved Switch consoles. Unsurprisingly, plenty of announcements dumped on the gaming giant’s fans, from upcoming new titles to expansions for existing games. A number of those are resounding quite others, and therefore the biggest splash sending ripples across the online seems to be Bayonetta’s new hairdo.

Bayonetta holds a special place during a hack ‘n’ slash genre mostly led by a predominantly male cast, like Devil May Cry’s Dante and Nero. one among Platinum Games’ most successful franchises, the gun-toting, high-heeled witch has enchanted players for quite a decade. Therefore the long-awaited sequel might finally be around the corner. Breaking its silence of nearly four years, Nintendo and Platinum Games are finally showing not just proof of life but a replacement search for the fashionable witch with an attitude.

The new Bayonetta 3 trailer takes place during a fictional version of Japan where kaiju (giant monsters) exist. Bayonetta naturally arrives to save lots of the day, though “unfashionably late,” sporting braided hair that provides her a more modern look that seems to intensify her personality even better. And, yes, she summons a kaiju to fight a kaiju.

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Bayonetta isn’t the sole third installment that’s getting teased, with Splatoon’s upcoming sequel also enjoying some stage time. Nintendo isn’t giving much away regarding the most plot for the sport, but “Return of the Mammalians” already carries a foreboding tone, a minimum of the clues that survived the supposedly extinct mammals of that fictional world.

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No date has been given for either Bayonetta 3 nor Splatoon 3, but both games are expected to land in 2022. Also featured within the Nintendo Direct presentation above is Kirby’s first adventure into 3D land, and there’s also an excellent Mario Bros. movie coming that’s thankfully not a live-action adaptation.