Battlefield 2042 Officially revealed

Battlefield 2042 Officially revealed

Following the typical range of countdowns that jumped the true preview, we now finally have our very first look at the most recent Battlefield game, formally branded Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 brings the franchise into the future together with the yield of a modern-ish war that we have not seen since 2013’s Battlefield 4.

Keep in mind that the cinematic show trailer did not demonstrate any true drama, but we did get a glimpse at a few of the mechanisms that’ll be on supply, among which will be a robot puppy, so what is not to adore.

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Every moment in the preview was filled with individuals making the battles seem undisputably intense and epic, with allegedly 128 players on a number of the match’s enormous maps.

Additionally, it resembles the maps are going to have any destructible components and map development since the fighting continues. Through the trailer, we view a part of a freight container being pulled, a spaceship taking off, along with also a tornado ripping through town streets to quite literally- shake what’s going on.

Following a set of world war matches, contemporary Battlefield seems to return dramatically. The trailer has the classic movement of somebody bailing from a jet firing a rocket launcher in the other, then climbing back in as it is nothing.

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