Battlefield 2042 4K Gameplay Trailer Showcases its All Out Warfare… and Extreme Weather

Battlefield 2042 4K Gameplay Trailer Showcases its All Out Warfare... and Extreme Weather

Battlefield 2042 got it is bit show a week, and we’re there to deliver you all of the information along with a deep dip interview with the group at DICE. Immediately, as part of this Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, we have our very first piece of true gameplay.

Made entirely of pre-Alpha footage from real rounds played with the dev groups, people expect to find the absolute scale of Battlefield 2042 in detail. Together with the intense weather impacts — such as sandstorms and large tornadoes.

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Fight to specify the near future in a world changed by disease. For the very first time in Battlefield’s background, 128 players may combine the all-out war in precisely exactly the identical time — providing you with the opportunity to get involved in massive-scale battles where anything could happen. Get a much larger feeling of magnificent, large-scale warfare on seven enormous maps where you encounter ever-changing battle requirements and gameplay conflicts.