Batman: Arkham City’s Daredevil Mod Is Exactly What Fans Are Looking For

Batman: Arkham City's Daredevil Mod Is Exactly What Fans Are Looking For

A mod for Batman: Arkham City turns players into Daredevil, giving a taste of what a game starring The Man Without Fear may look like in real life.

Fans are clamoring even louder for Daredevil to receive his own game after a fantastic mod for Batman: Arkham City transforms players into the Man Without Fear. The Batman: Arkham series by Rocksteady gave the superhero video game genre a new lease on life. The trilogy delivered a distinct and genuine depiction of the Caped Crusader and his world. Although the crime-fighting lawyer has yet to have his video game adaptation, rumours about a Marvel Daredevil game have circulated in recent years.

Daredevil has yet to feature in a current video game, but the ruthless vigilante has appeared in previous Marvel titles. In 2003, a Daredevil video game for the Game Boy Advance was developed, based on the character’s live-action adaption starring Ben Affleck. The blind warrior has also debuted as a playable character in all three Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games, giving his acrobatic abilities to the franchise’s roster of legendary superheroes. Additionally, daredevil is a playable Minifigure in the LEGO Marvel games, and he made non-playable cameos in titles like the 2000 Spider-Man game and 2004’s The Punisher. While Daredevil did not feature in Marvel’s Spider-Man, many fans believe the horned hero should appear as a supporting character in the game’s sequel.

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A fan version for Batman: Arkham City, created by Nexus Mods user Batfleck and demonstrated by Reddit user Old-Zucchini6413, shows what a future Daredevil game would look like. The relatively easy update, which was released in 2019, recolours the game’s Red Robin suit to closely resemble the outfit worn by Charlie Cox’s live-action Daredevil. Given Robin’s acrobatic skills and usage of huge staff infighting, the metamorphosis is highly appropriate. Many reports about a future Daredevil game say that the game will be more like Batman: Arkham instead of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s broader open world. The mod provides players with a taste of that experience.

Some legend made a Daredevil mod for Arkham City from Daredevil

Rumours about a Daredevil game have been circulating for a while, but one, in particular, appears to be more credible than the rest. Insomniac announced a game based on Marvel‘s Wolverine and Daredevil in September 2021, proving that a probable leak about Wolverine and a Daredevil game was at least partially correct. According to this leak, The Man Without Fear’s game will be a noir detective game set in Chicago instead of the character’s usual setting of New York City. At night, an echolocation mechanic would aid players in navigating a vast open area, and fighting is comparable to that of the Batman: Arkham games.

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The Batman: Arkham series by Rocksteady is recognized for revitalizing superhero games by emphasizing solid single-player experiences and authentic narratives. As a result, it seems appropriate that a mod for Arkham City may give players a sneak peek at a future Daredevil game. While there is a Daredevil skin in Fortnite, Batfleck’s thrilling mod shows the possibilities of a full-fledged game around The Man Without Fear.

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