Bang & Olufsen’s New Beoplay HX Headphones Offer Startlingly Long Battery Life

Bang & Olufsen's New Beoplay HX Headphones Offer Startlingly Long Battery Life

The audiophile brand has released its latest high-end over-ear headphones, complete with a premium tag to match.

Bang & Olufsen has released the newest in its line of top-end cans; the Beoplay HX. they are available with many bells and whistles, matched by a premium tag.

Bang & Olufsen Release Beoplay HX Headphones

Dutch audio brand Bang & Olufsen has added different headphones to its high-profile, personal audio equipment range.

The Beoplay HX over-ear ‘phones are currently available to shop for in black and can cost you $499, making them a number of the foremost expensive wireless ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones on the market.

If you’re within the marketplace for some new cans and you have got the cash, then these appear as if a superb investment. You’ll grab a pair immediately over at

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If you’d instead await a particular color, then you’ll grab a white pair at the top of April or wait a touch longer and obtain the fashionable white and tan version, which B&O will drop by May.

What Is So Good About the Beoplay HX Headphones?

Well, a reputation like B&O is synonymous with quality, which is simply what you’re getting with the Beoplay HX headphones.

Bang & Olufsen craft the covers for the ear cups in soft lambskin for a soft skin-feel, furthered by the memory foam the covers conceal. Likewise, the scarf may be a mixture of woven fabric and cow’s leather; again, all for premium comfort as you employ the headphones.

The materials used here are a salient point. B&O has used animal products within the construction of those headphones. So, if you oppose animal product utilization, then, unfortunately, you’ve got no way around that.

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Elsewhere, the battery life is some things to behold, with a whopping 35 hours of juice within the tank. That’s pretty damn impressive, considering Sennheiser’s Momentum 3 headphones—a similar product in many ways—only carry around 16 hours of charge. Sometimes less (believe me, I own a pair).

Like the Sennheisers, the Beoplay HX is often utilized in both wireless and wired modes. You receive the headphone jack within the box with the headphones, so no got to buy a separate one to use the function (Apple, take note).

Everything else is pretty standard fayre that you’d expect for wireless headphones. Controls on the cups, aluminum frame, Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C charging, and various codecs (aptX Adaptive, AAC, SBC). You furthermore may get Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair capabilities.

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Will You Be Buying the Beoplay HX Headphones?

Without a review, we will not attest to the sound quality of the Beoplay HX headphones. However, we all know that B&O may be a fantastic brand that doesn’t perform in design and manufacture.

$499 may be a lot to spend, but consider this as an investment. B&O creates high-end audiophile equipment, so we will not see them changing that soon. The Beoplay HX should repay your investment repeatedly over.

However, we might advise that you have a correct go searching and ensure you’re getting the proper headphones for your needs. There are many options to settle on, even for vegan audiophiles.