Background and Q&A on 5G network coming to Edmonds

Background and Q&A on 5G network coming to Edmonds

A wireless supplier has requested the town for permits to set small wireless centers in the town’s rights-of-way, and the City Council is talking about the subject.

The City Council last spoke little cell wireless setups in May 2019 and gained broad public interest. The council started these talks on May 18 at four meetings for more than five months on the subject.

Council members will soon be thinking about the master license for its small-cell facilities that can, either initially or at any stage, later on, supply 5G engineering in Edmonds. This permit will be for a single supplier and will also function as a template for different suppliers trying to bring these centers to Edmonds.

Councilmembers wished to let the general public know what would be happening next and supply some history.

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To place facilities at the rights-of-way, suppliers require a master license, which offers general consent and needs a wireless facilities license, which will be for certain installations and is thought in accord with the terms and conditions of town code.

What is 5G?

The most recent generation of wireless broadband technologies is called “5G” and demands that the setup of “small cell” or even”little wireless centers ” 5G is the fifth production of mobile networks and also the quickest so far (This isn’t to be mistaken with the 5G which you might see in your Wi-Fi router, which will be speaking to 5 GHz frequency to your online network.)

Is there an existing city code addressing cell towers and small-cell facilities?

About April 2, 2019, the City Council passed ordinance 4147, amending Chapter 20.50 of the Edmonds Community Development Code titled “Wireless Communications Facilities,” upgrading standards and procedure demands of radio communications facilities, such as new criteria concerning place preference expectancy and layout criteria for small wireless centers at the right-of-way.

Can Edmonds decide it does not want 5G technology installed around the City?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 says that no local authorities could prohibit or effectively prohibit the supply of telecommunications support. Congress explicitly preempted state and local governments from enacting legislation or ordinances that conflict with this mandate.

But Congress permitted cities to keep the capability to deal with the rights-of-way. Cities may negotiate terms of the arrangements but can’t prohibit the supplier from providing telecommunications support. The Act reflects Congressional intent to expand the deployment of electric services.

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What are the permits the provider needs to obtain?

Based on state regulation, the suppliers will need council approval for a master license, which by city code will be for five decades. The supplier also has to acquire a wireless facilities license and a right-of-way structure license under Edmonds town code conditions, and the City has a 60-90 day to approve. The restricted period has been known at the national level as “the clock” Last Augustthe 9th Circuit declared in most respects the 2018 Federal Communications Commission dictates restricting local governments’ ability to control the installation of the technology.

Does the City have a say in what happens next?

City code modulates the place taste and design criteria, and positioning addressed in the radio facilities allows amount per town code.

Who is the current provider?

Multiple carriers might apply for licenses to install little mobile radio facilities.

Are there health implications associated with the new 5G technology?

The FCC is bound to assess the possible consequences of human exposure to radiofrequency emissions below the National Environmental Policy Act. Through the time that the FCC has embraced radiofrequency criteria, which restrict the total quantity of radiation that could be generated from wireless transmitters also has made a framework to guarantee compliance with these limits.

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The FCC recently issued an order finding its current RF exposure criteria should stay unchanged.

Will Edmonds host a public hearing to get feedback from the community?

Yes, this town will sponsor a public hearing in June.