Back 4 Blood Claps Back After Being Called Cheap Left 4 Dead Copy By KFC

Back 4 Blood Claps Back After Being Called Cheap Left 4 Dead Copy By KFC

Turtle Back Studios has retaliated against KFC Gaming, who mocked the studio’s newest release, Back 4 Blood, by calling it a clone.

Turtle Rock Studios, the original Left 4 Dead creators, have responded to KFC Gaming’s claim that the studio’s newest title, Back 4 Blood, is a “cheap imitation” on social media after the worldwide fast-food company’s gaming division called it out. Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to the critically renowned Left 4 Dead game, and it was released today. Though the new cooperative zombie-slaying first-person shooting game is identical, new features like the card system inject some originality into the action. This allows gamers to customize their campaigns and enjoy experiences that are unique from one another.

While the studio is best recognized for establishing the Left 4 Dead franchise and concept, Valve, the game’s publisher, is credited with the game’s critical and commercial success. The popular co-op zombie shooter franchise was produced using Valve’s Source engine, scripting, and authoring tools before being incredibly highly advertised. It was authored by its writers and scored by the company’s symphony orchestra. Valve’s reputation for hiring skilled modders who have built some of the company’s most successful IPs and fan projects extends beyond the zombie franchise, and it continues to do so almost two decades later.

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Turtle Rock Studios has responded to KFC Gaming’s scathing criticism of its newest title, Back 4 Blood, with a quote tweet praising them. KFC Gaming has been observed posting a meme mocking the studio’s upcoming game for being a “cheap clone” of the critically hit Left 4 Dead. On the other hand, the studio retorted on social media, claiming that the fast-food restaurant had “11 herbs and spices, and still no taste.” The feud continued in the comments, with hundreds of Turtle Back Studio fans defending the game and mocking KFC for its stupidity.

After splitting from Valve in 2011, Turtle Rock Studios began work on a new zombie co-op FPS in the manner of Left 4 Dead, following the massive success of their first gaming project, Evolve. Back 4 Blood was then confirmed at The Game Awards 2020, with a release date of 2021. The game was shown to have a larger storey than the Left 4 Dead franchise, with four significant protagonists, each with their personalization options, perks, powers, and backstories.

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It’s unclear whether the rivalry between Turtle Rock Studios and KFC Gaming was employed for promotional purposes or for real. Back 4 Blood is now available worldwide, and players may judge for themselves whether it is a worthy spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead or not.

Back 4 Blood is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios/Twitter