Apple’s high-end Pro Display XDR replacement isn’t the budget monitor we need

Apple's high-end Pro Display XDR replacement isn’t the budget monitor we need

The Apple Pro Display XDR is a stunning display. It was undoubtedly the best monitor for creative and professional video users when it was launched at WWDC 2019 and the new Mac Pro. Unfortunately, it’s expensive at $5k / PlayStation4,600 to $6k / PlayStation5,500 if you choose the nano-texture glasses – this makes it out of reach of most users.

9to5 Mac reports that Apple is currently developing a replacement for the Pro Display XDR, which features an A13 chip and a Neutral Engine. As a result, it would produce high-resolution graphics without having to rely on the processor. Unfortunately, although the results will be impressive, they won’t come cheap.

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A display with the same aesthetics as the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Air users is what’s needed. A sleek, Apple-like display that costs less than a grand

There are many monitors available from other companies that work well with Apple products. We’ve collected them in our top MacBook Pro monitors guide. A great Full HD monitor can be purchased for as low as $215, and a 4K model costs just over $550. A 49-inch widescreen screen is also available for as low as $215. This will still leave you with just over $2200. But, again, this is significantly cheaper than the Apple model.

You can use the new OS Monterey to allow you to use an older Mac or a new Mac as a second display. This could be done using thunderbolt cables that are compatible with older iMacs running target display mode. Although you could theoretically buy an iMac for this purpose, it feels like a waste.

We need something that looks similar to the new iMac but doesn’t have the computer’s guts. You only need AirPlay 2 to connect your MacBook, Mac mini, or iPhone. This could surely be done at a fraction of the cost of $1,299/PS1,249

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A 27-inch Retina Mac display would cost me between $600-$800, and I am sure that millions of other MacBook users will do the same. Yes, top-end displays are cool, Apple. But, give us non-pros something we can buy.