Apple is updating its AirTags to make them less useful for stalking

Apple is updating its AirTags to make them less useful for stalking

Apple’s AirTags are excellent trackers, but that’s proven to be a mythical sword.

It is super powerful for keeping tabs on items, but we’re also worried about how readily they may be utilized to stem individuals. Currently, Apple is creating upgrades to ensure it is less capable of doing this.

In the beginning, the AirTags would chime following three times when their owners had split them. But, because you may see, that is a massive window at which the AirTags could lie imperceptibly — notably to iPhone users that have not updated to the most recent edition of iOS along with Android users.

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Apple is currently tweaking the AirTags to chime sooner or later between 2 and 24 hours.

Apple also announced an Android program would be arriving later this year, allowing Android users to discover AirTags and other Locate My system trackers and attachments.

AirTag users that wish to upgrade their AirTags will have to deliver their AirTags within reach of the iPhones. The upgrade happens automatically, and there is no way to force an upgrade.

To assess if your AirTags are updated. Follow the following steps:

  • Open the Locate My program
  • Tap the “Items” tab and then tap your AirTag
  • Tap the title of your AirTag below the map to check your firmware version

The firmware version number which you need to see will be 1.0.276. Here is the most recent version.

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