Apple confirms that noise cancellation has been removed from the iPhone 13 series

Apple confirms that noise cancellation has been removed from the iPhone 13 series

Due to the absence of Phone Noise Cancelation on the iPhone 13 series, customers must now rely on Voice Isolation, which only works for FaceTime calls.

For an unknown reason, Apple appears to have disabled the Phone Noise Cancellation feature on the iPhone 13 series smartphones, ending a story of user complaints and destroying hopes that it may return in the future. After a disgruntled iPhone 13 Pro Max user complained about it on Reddit, talk over the noise-canceling feature’s lack on the iPhone 13 series exploded. However, many people assumed it was an iOS 15 problem.

For those who aren’t aware, Apple has been delivering Phone Noise Cancellations on iPhones for quite some time. According to the company, it reduces ambient background noise for phone calls made over a cellular network. This path can enable or disable the feature: Phone Noise Cancellation may be found under Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Phone Noise Cancellation. However, the absence of the feature in Apple’s latest-generation phones has baffled iPhone 13 customers, even though they have the same number of microphones as the iPhone 12 series phones.

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Many speculated that the feature, like the notch bug on Apple’s costly new MacBook Pro computers, was mistakenly disabled by Apple for the iPhone 13 series phones. However, this does not appear to be the case in this case. According to a report from 9to5Mac, the Phone Noise Cancellation technique is not supported on the iPhone 13 series phones, citing contact with Apple Support. This implies that, despite having the necessary hardware, customers can’t use noise cancellation for native cellular conversations on any iPhone 13 series phone, and it’s unlikely to emerge shortly via a software update.

This doesn’t make any sense at all

“We have some new information on this. Because Phone Noise Cancellation isn’t accessible on iPhone 13 models, you won’t find it in Settings “9to5Mac cited another Apple Support staff member as saying. However, it is unclear why the feature was dropped. Users must now rely on the Voice Isolation function for FaceTime calls now that the feature has been removed. Open the Control Center, tap the Mic Mode option, then pick Voice Isolation. According to Apple’s support article, this feature is enabled across the iPhone 13 lineup, the iPhone 12 quartet, and the iPhone XR and iPhone XS duo.

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With Phone Noise Cancellation no longer available for native cellular conversations on the iPhone 13 series, customers must rely on appropriate devices such as the AirPods to reduce ambient noise. While the lack of Phone Noise Cancellation is a disappointment in and of itself, while users are on a voice call and using the phone’s speaker in hands-free mode, it will exacerbate the situation. And, based on the feedback of affected customers, the lack of noise reduction degrades call quality for both participants on either end of the line. In the case of the original Reddit post’s author, he claims to have returned his iPhone 13 Pro Max due to the problem.

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