Apple Asks Employees to Wear Body Cameras to Help Stop Leaks

Apple Asks Employees to Wear Body Cameras to Help Stop Leaks

Most leaks of the latest iPhone and MacBook devices are likely to be from the iPhone or MacBook. According to a report by Apple, some employees are being asked to wear body cameras to help crackdown on information and product leaks.

Apple Asking Employees to Wear Body Cameras

Front Page Tech has obtained an exclusive report that Apple employees will be required to carry a body camera to work. This is done to prevent employees from leaking information or new products and also “to protect its hardware trade secrets from being stolen.”

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Only certain product teams will be affected by the new security measures. Apple will request that employees working on new software or hardware be equipped with the cameras. This is in addition to retail employees. Apple could monitor suspicious behavior and review the footage of employees by having them wear body cameras.

Front Page Tech has information about the cameras Apple employees will wear, supporting this report. Apple is expected to ask its employees to wear body cameras of “police-grade” quality, similar to the Axon 2, used extensively in US law enforcement.

It’s quite ironic that Apple has already leaked its new security measures to prevent leaks. It could be a trap to identify leakers, or it may just be a bait-and-switch trap.

Why Does Apple Hate Leaks So Much?

Apple is known for its hatred of leaks. The company has made this clear over the years. For example, interviewers were told by Steve Jobs that he would rather quit than ignore leakers after an iPhone was discovered in a bar in 2010. In addition, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has warned against employees who leak information in recent years.

Recent letters to rendering artists and leaks are asking them to stop publishing leaked information show why Apple loathes leaks. The letters indicate that Apple does not want its secrets to be revealed to its rivals.

This is a great business strategy. You can’t tell your competitors what you are doing if you want to be more successful. The new security measures that require certain teams to have body cameras seem a little excessive, despite this.

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Apple Is Trying to Put a Stop to Leaks

We’ve heard from rendering artists and leakers that Apple has sent them letters asking them to stop leaking products. Apple appears to be trying to stop leaks with the new body camera security measures.