Apple adds a year to the AirPods Pro service program

Apple adds a year to the AirPods Pro service program

Because Apple products are so expensive, any issue that prevents them from lasting a long time is a major concern for customers. Unfortunately, some of Apple’s high-end AirPods Pro earbuds have a problem that causes crackling, static, or Active Noise Cancellation issues, forcing some owners to send them in for repair. Apple has quietly extended its repair program for any problems with crackling, static, or Active Noise Cancellation for another year.

Owners will receive a replacement for defective units for up to three years by adding a year to the service program. The AirPods Pro must be built before October 2020 to be eligible for the program. The service program was extended by a year just as the first batch of AirPods Pro earbuds, released in October 2019, reached the two-year mark.

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The Service Program for Sound Issues page on Apple‘s website has been updated to state that the program covers defective units for three years from the date of the first retail sale. The program only covered defective units for two years when it first started in October 2020. Crackling or static in loud environments, for example, and Active Noise Cancellation issues are covered in the program.

Whatever the issue was with the early AirPods Pro’s sound, it was fixed in earbuds released after October 2020. Owners of impacted AirPods Pro can take the earbuds to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider under the service program. Depending on the severity of the problem, the program will replace individual earbuds or provide the user with a new set.

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Some users had expressed dissatisfaction because there is no way to tell when the AirPods were made. Of course, any problem with a costly piece of equipment is a problem, but it’s always nice when a manufacturer admits to a problem and has a plan in place to fix it.

Source: appleinsider