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Before you are trying out one among the listed call recorders, check if it’s legal to record FaceTime and Skype calls in your country. Note that some federal and state laws require you to notify the opposite party that the decision is being recorded. Consistent with the US Federal law, you’ll tape conversations — both in-person and over the device — if a minimum of one person involved within the conversation is aware that he/she is being recorded and has allowed you to try to do so. But while most states fall in with the Federal law, some states do have specific rules to guard everyone’s privacy within the conversation. So check the directions beforehand and never invade one’s privacy if you don’t want to be punished.

Let’s check the list of top 10 FaceTime call recording apps for Mac without further ado.

The Best FaceTime Call Recording Apps

1. REKK Call Recorder for macOS

No doubt, recording a Skype business call or FaceTime interview is far more convenient than taking notes during a digital conversation. Call recording saves our time and energy and helps us specialize in the small print of the opposite party’s speech instead of taking notes. Be it a Skype call or a FaceTime chat; the REKK tool will record it for you. With this app, you’ll ditch wondering how to record FaceTime and Skype calls on mac.

REKK records both voice and video calls and saves them to your device in top quality. Further, you’ll use the intelligent speech recognition feature and transcribe a call locally within the app. REKK keeps in mind that some records can take an excessive amount of space on your device, so it shows you the file’s dimensions while you’re recording your conversation. Thanks to the straightforward UI, it’s an absolute delight to use. It is strongly recommended.


  • a free trial;
  • cheap pricing (as little as USD 3/month);
  • simple start of recording;
  • convenient user interface;
  • high quality;
  • calls are often recorded even when you’re wearing headphones.


  • limitations on the macOS version: the app is compatible with macOS10.12 and later. The speech recognition feature is compatible with macOS10.15 and later.

2. Ecamm Call Recorder

The app gets perfect records of FaceTime conversations in crystal clear HD. Overcall recording, the tool allows you to share your calls and convert them to MP3 files and even to internet-ready movies for Vimeo and YouTube. With the Ecamm FaceTime recorder app, you’ll even edit and split your calls as soon as you hang up. Additionally to Facetime call recorder, Ecamm features a Skype call recording solution for mac also. All recordings have stunning HD quality. If you feel like editing the recording, you’ll split tracks after a call locally within the app.


  • a 7-day free trial;
  • high quality of recordings;
  • sharing feature;
  • in-built editor.


  • FaceTime call recorder is incompatible with macOS 10.14 or 10.15.

3. Callnote Call Recorder for Mac

Callnote offers both FaceTime recorder for mac with some helpful extra features. The app has no limits on the number of recorded calls or duration of conversations. All calls are saved in high-quality audio and video formats. Besides, the tool offers advanced editing features, including cutting or trimming the portions of the recorded file, adding explanatory images to the recording, and selecting a soundtrack for your conversation. All tapes are often easily saved to DropBox, Evernote, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

With Callnote, you’ll quickly share your calls via Facebook, email, and YouTube. The app allows you to record and transcribe calls with ease as its transcription service supports 18 languages. Further, you’ll correct mistakes in transcripts. Both Skype and FaceTime call recording features are available for the Premium version users. you’ll also record calls in Viber, Facebook, Hangouts, and Google Meet using this outstanding tool.


  • has a free version with Skype call recorder;
  • the paid version offers a free trial;
  • advanced editing features;
  • high quality and transcription service.


  • the Premium version has limits on the number of calls;
  • the PRO version has no boundaries but is far costlier than the professional one.

4. Call Recorder by Raj Kumar Shaw

This is another API call recorder for mac that creates this list. The app is out there on the AppStore, which makes it very reliable. It allows you to record skype calls on mac, no matter the number of callers. All conversations are stored within the list and calendar format, which is handy once you find some particular call with one click.

The developers promise that it’s easy to record your conversations with Call Recorder. The recorded files are often quickly transformed to .caf format and transferred to any device. you’ll also minimize the recording screen and specialize in the conversation without being distracted by switching from one window to a different one. Besides, this Skype call recording solution is one among the simplest out there when it involves pricing. The app costs as little as $2,99 and supports the ten .9 macOS version or higher.


  • Skype call recorder for mac;
  • cheap;
  • ability to attenuate the recording screen;
  • easy to use.


  • according to AppStore customer reviews, the link to technical support doesn’t work;
  • some customers complain that the soft stops recording during the decision.

5. Piezo Recorder for Mac

This app allows you to record conversations on a mac by detecting the output coming from your apps. You don’t get to be tech-savvy to use this recorder because it doesn’t require much configuration. The recordings are often saved as an MP3 or AAC file. The tool has a stimulating design resembling a physical recorder. It offers an in-built time recording scheduler, so you’ll find recording beforehand before you begin a Skype call.

In addition to Skype call recording, the app can record music, videos, and films playing from the VLC media player. Piezo recorder is relatively cheap, but in fact, it’s some limits. To find out more, check the CNET review.


  • easy to use;
  • pretty design;
  • records not only Skype calls;
  • free trial.


  • has several recording limitations (can record from just one source at a time).



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