Apex Legends Fan-Made Squid Game Wraith Skin Looks Incredible

Apex Legends Fan-Made Squid Game Wraith Skin Looks Incredible

An Apex Legends player creates an incredible wraith skin trailer with perfect precision by crossing over Netflix’s new popular series Squid Game.

An Apex Legends fan recently took to Twitter to show off an incredibly well-made trailer featuring a Wraith skin modeled after a member of the Squid Game team. Since its initial release in mid-September, Squid Game, Netflix’s most-watched TV series to date, has steadily grown in popularity. The fan-made trailer quickly went viral among the Apex Legends community, who have embraced the unofficial crossover concept with enthusiasm.

Respawn, the studio behind Apex Legends hasn’t been known for doing many collaborations or crossovers in the past. The majority of Apex Legends skins are obtained through in-game events or by completing specific challenges. Of course, some skins can be purchased in the game’s store, allowing players to customize their favorite characters.

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As discussed in a recent article by Dexerto, the recent fan-made trailer was the brainchild of Twitter users and 3-D designer humansas_.

It’s easy to see how much effort humans put into the “Legendary Wraith Number 47” trailer, which seamlessly blends the show’s Squid Game staff characters’ colors, styles, and feels into the Apex Legends world. Going a step further, humans even shows off some of his character’s movements and close-ups in the brief 22-second video while also making it clear in the original post that the video was not in any way official.

With the popularity of both Squid Game and this unofficial fan trailer, it appears that Apex Legends players have sent a clear message to Respawn about what they want to see more of in future events. While official Squid Game crossovers are unlikely to appear anytime soon, it will be interesting to see how the game studio responds to viral fan creations like this one in the future. Additionally, with humans enigmatic and vocal fan base, as well as his popular fan-made trailer, it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn follows suit when creating future content.

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While the incredible trailer has no doubt made many fans of Apex Legends and the Netflix series Squid Game excited about the possibility of a crossover, players will have to wait and see what the future holds in the next update. Respawn is rumored to be releasing a plethora of new content, including a new character, new weapons, and a new map, among other game-play updates, with plans to release a new season 11 update for Apex Legends in November 2nd. Season 11 should provide enough food for thought for the many devoted and hungry Apex Legends fans.

Apex Legends is a video game that can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: humansas_/TwitterDexerto