Android could steal one of the iPhone’s best features — and we’re glad

Android could steal one of the iPhone's best features — and we're glad

Google could be performing on an Android version of the Find My network that you find on the Best iPhones and other Apple devices. Leveraging the facility of Play Services also because of the vast amount of Android phones out there, Google could come up with a good better solution.

The Find My network is a stimulating concept — albeit it does make a number of us a touch queasy — and it had been only a matter of your time before Google put its weight behind its variant. But we’d need some Pixel Tags to match Apple’s Find My ecosystem.

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Find I may be a massive network of Apple devices that makes an internet of device locations if you do not know. Meaning you’ll track something that you lost, like your iPhone or whatever you attached your AirTag to. So having an Android equivalent would be great.

Google already has the superb Find My Device app, where you’ll check in on another device to trace the last known location of your phone. It works quite well most of the time, albeit it’s some extra steps to urge going. Taking that and turning it into something more like Find My would be helpful to the billions of Android users.

XDA Developers discovered two references to a “find_device_network” within the latest Play Services beta. The string description reads, “Allows your phone to assist locate your and other people’s devices.” this can, theoretically, mean that locating your lost device would become even easier if you’ve got another Android device nearby (like a lover or family member’s phone).

If Google plays its cards right, this might be an enormous boon. Every Android device outside of China runs Play Services, so you’ll see the utility here. Aside from those two strings found by XDA, we do not know anything about this Find My equivalent, but perhaps Google could announce it alongside the Pixel 6 later this year.

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