AMD promises it’ll sort graphics card stock shortages this year


AMD is asserting that more Enormous Navi graphics cards will soon be available to purchase as 2021 rolls PC players hunting to get a new GPU will be pleased to listen to.

At AMD’s latest earnings forecast, chief executive Lisa Su clarified that: We anticipate Radeon 6000 Series GPU earnings to grow considerably over the coming quarters as we scale generation.

“We observe fantastic customer purchasing patterns and robust backlog. And we also have noticed that the distribution chain was tight complete to the semiconductor market. And we have been working closely with our supply chain partners. And therefore, we have great visibility to further source as we proceed through the entire year.”

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Comforting words

We do not think anybody is disputing the powerful need — for both AMD and Nvidia cards, but it is great to hear that AMD seems sure enough that an extra supply of Substantial Navi pictures cards is in the market. Even though a few players are already completely familiar with the GPU marketplace nowadays…

The RX 6000 range now contains those Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT, in addition to the beefy RX 6900 XT, combined with AMD’s latest inclusion, the cheaper (comparatively speaking) RX 6700 XT.

In the latest news, owners of all RX 6800 versions and RX 6900 XT GPUs will allegedly locate the newest graphics driver from AMD has executed something of a stealth update, taming energy consumption marginally in some specific situations, also allowing for smoother and cooler running.

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This driver brought from the capability to perform local co-op games another nifty bonus (though note that participants should have an AMD movie card, that is not true with the likes of Steam’s comparable Remote Play technology, introduced a while back ).