Amazon Fire Stick Cannot Obtain an Ip Address? Try This

Amazon Fire Stick Cannot Obtain an Ip Address? Try This

Here we can see, “Amazon Fire Stick Cannot Obtain an Ip Address? Try This”

Disney+ is convenient to access from home and while traveling, and it caters to all types of viewers with high-quality content from all genres and historical periods.

The digital media player and its micro-console remote control include an accessory called the Amazon Fire Stick, which Amazon created.

It allows users to stream HD content conveniently from services like Amazon and others.

The gadget needs a steady connection because it is a small network appliance that can transmit digital audio/video material streamed over the internet.

However, some users have reported experiencing trouble connecting their Amazon Fire Stick to an IP address:

[…]It continually drops connection. All day today it will not connect at all. It shows my network and says strong signal but just keeps saying obtaining ip address….it will change to saved momentarily but then changes back to obtaining ip address. […]

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How do I make my Amazon Fire Stick connect to an IP Adress?

1. Reboot the Amazon Fire Stick

    1. For around 30 seconds, take the Amazon Fire Stick away from the TV.
    2. Connect it again
    3. Watch for it to start.
    4. Attempt once more to connect the Amazon Fire Stick to the network.

2. Reboot your router

Your router might be the issue, not your Amazon Fire Stick.

Restarting it is the only remedy as to a result:

    1. Restart the router by using the GUI on your computer or the switch on the router’s back.
    2. Turn it off for around 30 seconds.
    3. Restart it and allow it some time to boot
    4. Attempt once more to connect the Amazon Fire Stick to the network.

3. Make your Amazon Fire Stick “forget” the network

    1. Activate the Fire TV Stick menu.
    2. Choose Settings
    3. Obtain Network
    4. Select Forget after choosing the network to which it is connected.

4. Recheck your router’s security

Check to see if MAC address filtering is turned on, and if it is, add the MAC address of your Firestick to the list of permitted addresses.

However, you must first determine the Fire Stick’s MAC address:

    1. Activate the Fire TV Stick menu.
    2. Choose Settings
    3. Look for MAC Address under About Select Network (Wi-Fi).
    4. Add the MAC address to the router’s authorized list.
    5. Save the adjustment

5. Check your IP Address pool

Most routers only have so many dynamic IP addresses (around 155).

See whether your router has any spare IP addresses that you can use to connect your Amazon Fire Stick.

The solutions listed above will help you solve any IP address connectivity problems your Amazon Fire Stick may be experiencing.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Will a UK Firestick function in the US?

The Fire Stick functions in the UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, and India. However, geo-restrictions still apply to the content and functionality on your Fire TV Stick, even if you alter your region on your Amazon account to make it work.

2. How do I modify my Amazon country settings?

Click Preferences under Manage Your Content and Devices. Under Country Settings, click Change. Click Update after choosing or entering your address. You can find out more about what will happen if you transfer your Amazon account by following the on-screen prompts if you are qualified to buy digital content from another nation.

3. Does the region restrict Amazon Firestick?

You won’t be able to access any of your Prime Video purchases or rentals after changing the country settings for your Amazon account. If you return to your default country settings, your purchases will still be accessible, but any rentals won’t.

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