‘Alan Wake 2’ Has ‘Moved Into Full Production’: Remedy Entertainment

'Alan Wake 2' Has 'Moved Into Full Production': Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment is understood for its story-driven action titles like “Alan Wake,” “Max Payne,” “Quantum Break”, and “Control”, and fans expect the highly anticipated sequel “Alan Wake 2” could release soon.

Remedy has struck two-project publishing affect Epic Games, which are reportedly set within an equivalent franchise. Industry watchers and fans alike speculate that these projects have something to try with “Alan Wake.”

Speculations about the game’s sequel further intensified recently following the discharge of Remedy’s most up-to-date investor’s report, which offered updates on these projects.

The report doesn’t reveal much, but it confirmed that “Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games has moved into full production, and a second, smaller-scale game remains fully production mode”. Although not officially confirmed, this AAA project is believed to be “Alan Wake 2.”

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Considering the assembly process can take years, fans wouldn’t likely see game footage anytime soon. But, if the report is indeed about the game’s sequel, it’s excellent news for “Alan Wake” fans who are expecting it for over ten years.

Rumours about the sequel began to make rounds online after Remedy announced it had signed an effect Epic Games. The gaming studio then re-introduced the favoured hero Alan Wake within the second expansion of its hit shooter title “Control.”

Many fans believe it had been Remedy Entertainment’s way of giving fans a touch about the sports sequel. In March, GamesBeat reporter and industry insider Jeff Grubb shared some exciting details about the sport.

On a live stream, the insider said, “I’ve heard that Remedy goes to be making Alan Wake 2 with Epic. There was a bidding war [over Alan Wake], but Epic had the simplest publishing deal.”

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Rumours have it that Remedy Entertainment struggled to finance “Alan Wake 2” after getting the rights from Microsoft in 2019. But with Epic Games and its resources backing the gaming studio, the project appeared to have progressed smoothly.