Solved: Age of Mythology Black Screen in Windows 10

Solved: Age of Mythology Black Screen in Windows 10

Here we can see, “Solved: Age of Mythology Black Screen in Windows 10”

  • One of the best real-time strategy games ever developed is the Age of Mythology.
  • Upon initialisation, a dark screen is a common problem with the Age of Mythology in Windows 10.

Even if we’ve reached a point where the most recent games are cinematic interactive storytelling, some individuals like to ride the nostalgia train and play some old favourites.

Age of Mythology is a fantastic game, a breakthrough real-time strategy game from the turn of the century. It is arguably one of the best games in the genre since it has admirably stood the test of time and remains fun.

However, there are certain drawbacks with the Age of Mythology on Windows 10: the dark screen. This happens when the game first starts up.

If you’re having trouble with this problem, take a look at the solutions we’ve offered below. Hopefully, we’ll be able to assist you in resolving the issue.

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How can I fix Age of Mythology black screen issues?

1. Check the GPU drivers

A malfunctioning graphics card could be one of the causes of the black screen in the Age of Mythology. Even if you’re certain you have the most recent supporting software installed, drivers are a regular cause of this problem.

Generic drivers, which Windows Update automatically installs, aren’t always the greatest fit for the job. Especially if you enjoy gaming.

As a result, we recommend visiting the official OEM’s website and downloading the most recent supporting software, including drivers. Stick with official drivers instead of downloading from third-party websites.

Here’s a list of three main graphics card manufacturers to look into:

    • NVidia
    • AMD/ATI
    • Intel

It’s possible that you won’t locate the correct driver version on the official sites, especially if you have an older GPU.

In this instance, obtaining and installing drivers that you are unsure about could harm your machine. We recommend using DriverFix to look for the correct drivers.

This program will look for the correct drivers and show you which ones need to be updated.

To begin, download and install DriverFix. When you launch the application, it will immediately scan your system for any potential driver issues.

Naturally, the application will check for driver updates, comparing your drivers to the most recent ones in its cloud database.

After the scan is complete, the only thing left to do is choose whether to update the drivers one by one or all at once.

Simply click on the correct box to install only the GPU driver required for Age of Mythology. If you want to install everything, go to the top and select the Select All box.

2. Run the game with the non-CD executable

Like many others from the time, this game requires the use of a CD. Although this rarely causes problems, we recommend using a third-party virtual disk emulator just to be safe.

You may then make an ISO duplicate of your actual CD and run it immediately from there. You’ll avoid a halt caused by a damaged CD by doing so.

Here’s how to make an installation disk emulator and run it virtually:

    1. PowerISO can be downloaded and installed.
    2. Make sure your Age of Mythology disk is in the drive before using the utility.
    3. Select the option to copy the disk and ISO as the output format.
    4. Open This PC after you’ve copied the CD.
    5. Mount the ISO file by right-clicking on the newly generated Virtual Drive device.
    6. Begin the game and keep an eye out for changes.

3. Run the game as Administrator and in a compatibility mode

    1. Open Properties by right-clicking on the Age of Mythology shortcut.
    2. Select the Compatibility option.
    3. Select Windows XP SP2 from the drop-down menu and check the Run this software in compatibility mode for box.
    4. Check the option to run this software as an administrator and save your settings.
    5. Start the game and look for ways to improve.

4. Install DirectX and Redistributables

It should go without saying that you must install a game to play it on a Windows platform. Many individuals, however, overlook the usefulness of DirectX and Redistributables.

You may require additional software, such as launchers, to get the game up and to run. In this case, no. You’ve already fulfilled the system requirements, so that’s out.

However, the redistributables for DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ must be installed.

As a result, make sure to install the most recent redistributable and upgrade your DirectX version. Even if you have the most recent version of DirectX 12, Age of Mythology will run on 9.0.

5. Disable the intro cinematics

    1. Open Properties by right-clicking on the Age of Mythology desktop shortcut.
    2. Look for the Target line under the Shortcut tab.
    3. To do so, copy and paste the following line at the end of the current entry:
xres=640 noSound noIntroCinematics bpp=16 window lowend terrainHalfDensity 
lowPoly waterbump skipMipMapLevels=1 graphicDetail=2

    4. Start the game when you’ve confirmed the adjustments.

6. Reinstall the game

    1. Back up the games, you’ve stored.
    2. Right-click Age of Mythology in the Start menu and select Uninstall.
    3. This will take you to the Control Panel’s Uninstall an application section. Remove the Age of Mythology from your computer and remove any saved data.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. Run the installer in compatibility mode for Windows XP by right-clicking on it (if available).
    6. Give it another attempt when the game has been installed.

7. Consider acquiring the Extended Edition

Finally, if the outdated version won’t operate on your Windows 10 PC, the only option we have is to try the Extended Edition. This is essentially a reworked version of the classic game that has been optimized for the most recent version of Windows.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Is Age of Mythology Steam compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, Age of Mythology will work smoothly on Windows 10 without using an emulator or third-party software. What is the procedure for installing Age of Mythology Extended Edition? Like you would in any other game: Open Steam, search for Age of Mythology Extended Edition, and then install it.

2. How can I make old games run on Windows 10?

The program Properties menu provides access to Windows 10 compatibility options. Right-click on the old game you wish to open, then pick Properties from the menu. Choose the Compatibility option. To run your application under a prior version of Windows, select Compatibility mode.

3. How can I fix an initialization failure in the Age of Mythology?

    1. Select properties from the context menu of your Age of Mythology shortcut.
    2. Add the xres=640 parameter.
    3. This shortcut will start the game.
    4. Remove xres=640 from your shortcut and change your game’s resolution.
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