Adobe Acrobat Content Preparation Progress

Adobe Acrobat Content Preparation Progress


How bothersome is that Adobe Acrobat Content Preparation Progress message? It pops up whenever you start a new record. It would help if you then waited until it writes and arranges your document. Based upon the magnitude of this PDF file, this is sometimes a minor nuisance. On a massive form, it may slow down your ability to rapidly browse the contents of a PDF. It’s simple to fix, though, simply by changing a setting in the Preferences.

Open the Preferences to a Mac with cmd + k. On a PC that is Ctrl + k. I am using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. However, this ought to be like many variations — Mac or PC. Proceed to the Categories on the left side:

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Scroll down and click on the segment marked Reading. Visit the right, and also at the next panel, you may find Screen Reader Options. Change the setting from the webpage vs Document to Just read the pages that are currently observable.

Click on the OK button at the bottom, and you are done!

Background to the Acrobat content preparation progress message when opening a PDF file

If you Require a Little More information about It, Adobe state the following:

When setting up files for reflow, this information could be exhibited. Altering the taste within Reading enables Acrobat to process the page only.

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Acrobat Pro Quick Tip

One other quick suggestion for consumers new to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro — did you know that you’ve got collapsible panels on the left and right towards the best of your record? You may not have seen the unobtrusive (browser not clear’) triangles at the center of this browser window. Click on these to expand or collapse extra panels. On the left, you’ve got Pages, Bookmarks, and Attachments. On the right, you’ll discover many editing, commenting, and markup choices.

Adobe Reader and Acrobat – Content Preparation Progress: Please wait while the document is being prepared for…

We’ve got a customer who has been bugged with this instant when opening specific PDF documents.

Content Planning Progress

Please wait until the record has been ready for…

Reputation: Processing page 23 of 27…

Adobe includes a KB article on this:

  • Acrobat Assist: discussion “content prep progress” after opening a PDF document
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The solution would be to perform the following:

  1. Proceed to Edit
  2. Preferences
  3. Reading
  4. Beneath Screen Reader Options, choose Just read the now visible pages