This is How You Can Add Data Labels in Power Bi

This is How You Can Add Data Labels in Power Bi

Here we can see, “This is How You Can Add Data Labels in Power Bi”

One of Power BI’s most fundamental features is the ability to add data labels. As you know, one of this tool’s most crucial capabilities is the ability to visualize data.

It’s not as simple to use as one might think, though.

Users ask how to display all of the data labels on their charts. The following was stated by one user:

I want to have a visual with all the data labels displaying count and percentage both. I guess only pie-chart and donut chart shows both % and count but the problem is that somehow some data labels (for smaller values) are still missing and I am unable to see all the data labels for pie chart. I have already selected  “All detail labels” in Label style  i.e.the full details option of data labels in pie-chart.

Because certain labels are still missing, the OP wishes to provide a graphic with all the data labels. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this issue.

Today, we’ll walk you through a few simple steps on how to create data labels in Power BI.

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Steps to add data labels in Power BI

    1. Access the Format pane.
    2. Choose the Detail labels option.
    3. Navigate to the Label position.
    4. From outside to inside, switch.
    5. Enable the Overflow Text feature.

Remember that sometimes choosing Inside for the Label Position could result in a very cluttered chart.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How are data labels added?

After clicking the chart, select the Chart Design tab. Select Data Labels from the Add Chart Element menu, then choose a location for the data label choice. Observe: Depending on your chart type, the selections will change. Click Data Callout to display your data label inside a text bubble form.

2. How can I make a personalized data label?

Press “Add Data Labels” with your mouse. Double-click any data label with the left mouse button to expand the “Format Data Series” pane. Enable the “Value from cells” checkbox. The cell range holding the values you want to utilize as data labels are requested in a tiny dialog box.

3. How do data labels work?

Individual data points are described in data labels, which are text components. Data labels are being displayed. All of the data points in the chart, all of the data points in a specific series, or just a single data point can have their data labels displayed.


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