Activision confirms Sledgehammer Games is working on the next ‘Call Of Duty’

Activision confirms Sledgehammer Games is working on the next ‘Call Of Duty’

Activision Blizzard president and COO Daniel Alegre showed the Sledgehammer’s part throughout the organization’s earnings call for its first quarter of 2021 on May 4. “We’re extremely excited with this year’s top Call Of Duty launch. Sledgehammer Games, along with the sport, have directed development is looking fantastic and on the course because of its fall launch,” he explained
Alegre added the forthcoming Call of Duty match has been”assembled for next-generation expertise with magnificent visuals throughout the effort, multiplayer and combined modes of drama.” He additionally noticed that the name continues to be”made to integrate with and improve the present COD ecosystem.”

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Afterward, through a Q&A Sector of the phone, Activision president Rob Kostich spoke about this”integration” between different Call of Duty matches. “Should we look forward to Warzone after this calendar year, there will be several other really interesting integration together with the fantastic job which Sledgehammer Games is top for this season’s new premium launch,” Kostich explained.

“Above all, in the conclusion of the afternoon, we think fans will be really, very excited and will appreciate the studio is currently creating,” he further said.