How to Access Shared Folders in Vmware? Try This Method

How to Access Shared Folders in Vmware? Try This Method

Here we can see, “How to Access Shared Folders in Vmware? Try This Method”

Virtual machines are useful for sharing folders between operating systems like Windows and Linux.

However, if you access the shared folder through Windows shortcuts or Linux symbolic links, they may not work properly.

Additionally, virtual machines and the host computer can share folders.

It’s worth noting that the newest version of WMware Tools must be installed on the host operating system to ensure that everything runs well.

Furthermore, the same file should not be opened in multiple applications from different operating systems. This method of opening a file may result in its corruption.

Today, we’ll show you how to access shared folders in VMware to avoid this and other complications.

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How to enable a shared folder in virtual machines

Windows Explorer can be used to view shared files in a guest Windows OS. Go to VMware Shared Folders > My Network Places to get to them.

You can also use Windows Explorer to search in My Network Places. It’s also worth noting that in Windows NT, My Network Places is known as Network Neighborhood.

Here’s a clear path to access shared files to make things easier: .host > Shared Folders > shared files > My Network Places > VMware Shared Folders >.host > Shared Folders > shared files.

The shared folders are located in /mnt/hgfs/shared files in a Linux virtual machine.

You can also add a new shared folder to the list. This operation is easier to perform on a Windows host. Simply follow the wizard’s instructions.

To change the settings for an existing shared folder on the list, select Properties after selecting the folder by clicking its name.

After you’ve made your desired changes, click OK.


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User Questions

1. What is the procedure for gaining access to a shared server folder?

Double-click the name of the computer that is sharing the folder you want to open. Choose a folder. Open the folder by double-clicking it. If prompted, enter a username and password.

2. In VMware, how do I mount a shared folder?

To share a directory/folder from the host to a VMware VM, open the VM, turn it off, and go to VM > Settings. Then select Shared Folders from the Options tab. Select Always enabled to enable Shared Folders. Shared Folders is disabled by default.

3. What is the best way to share files between the host and VMware?

Select your virtual machine in VMware Workstation and go to Player > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings. Select Options > Shared Folders from the drop-down menu. Then, under Folder Sharing, select a sharing option. To create a shared folder, click Add and follow the Add Shared Folder Wizard’s on-screen instructions.

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