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Apple TV 4K allows you to watch shows and movies from an excellent 4K HDR quality. Offers excellent content from programs such as Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN. And flows live news and sports.


  • 4K HDR sets a new standard.

4K provides you with a crisper image with four times more pixels than standard HD. High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides smarter, more realistic colors and greater detail. In the newest film to your favorite TV series, what’s much more lifelike than ever before.

  • News and sports. Streaming live.

Apple TV 4K delivers the live content that you care about all — sports and news. You’ll discover your favorite sports from programs such as NBA and MLB and breaking news from programs such as Bloomberg and CNN. Therefore it is simpler than ever to see the live programming you adore.

  • The Apple TV app puts everything you watch in one place.

The Apple TV program allows you to browse articles from over 60 video providers without changing from 1 plan to another. You’ll find pictures, displays, and handpicked tips. The Apple TV program is currently on iPhone, iPad, also Apple TV and operates seamlessly across all of them. Therefore, if you give up seeing in 1 region, you can begin again after another device.

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Watch Now

Watch Today serves your favorite shows. It includes Up, which permits you to pick up where you left off, and Things to See, where you will find tips that are handpicked.


Whatever you have bought from iTunes, together with your current leases, shows up on your Apple TV app library. And when an HD name on your library is published in 4K HDR, it automatically upgrades at no cost.


The shop tab will be the ideal location to locate the most current video services, along with the information they give. It is also possible to identify the most recent films, displays, and much more about iTunes.

  • Search
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Find films and shows by entering a name or celebrity from the Research tab. Or inquire Siri anytime, no matter what you’re searching for.

  • You ask. Siri delivers.

No more searching for precisely what you’re searching for. Ask Siri to get a film, show genre, actor, or tune you adore. Siri also excels when you are not sure what you desire. Say something like “Show me films from 4K,” and Siri delivers.

  • Super performance. Superior graphics.

The A10X Fusion processor gives a powerful platform for appreciating wealthier and more interactive games and programs. And You’ll find them in the App Store for Apple TV. When you include accessories such as game controls and cans, you can take your expertise to another level.

  • Your photos, videos, and music. It’s all on TV.

Enjoy videos and photos from the iCloud Photo Library or shared files on the large screen. Connect Apple Music for your home theatre. And allow your family and friends to discuss their photographs and videos together using AirPlay.

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Photos and Videos

Memories automatically generate collections of your very best photographs and movies, and Apple TV enables you to view them at 4K. If you make Live Photo loops or pops in your own iPhone, you can also share people on the vast screen.

Apple Music

Apple Music provides you access to over 40 million tunes on your Apple TV. That means that you can use it to power the celebration or only listen, research, and find great music together along with family members and friends.

  • Share photos, presentations, websites, and more.

AirPlay is a simple method for you or your visitors to share whatever is in an iPhone, iPad, or even Mac in a stunning lakefront manner.

  • Control your smart home through Apple TV.

Close your door. Control your house’s heating or ac. Double-check the guards. Apple TV allows you to utilize your iOS apparatus to command HomeKit-enabled accessories with the Home program.