A Minecraft Player Makes a Record-Breaking Jump Using Potion and Elytra

A Minecraft Player Makes a Record-Breaking Jump Using Potion and Elytra

One ingenious Minecraft player combined a Potion of Slow Falling and an Elytra to leap 8 blocks higher than ever before.

A brilliant Minecraft player devised a technique to jump higher than ever by combining a potion and an Elytra. Minecraft, Mojang’s 3D voxel sandbox, is more than just its seemingly endless world generation, and enthusiasts are constantly discovering new mysteries more than a decade after its release. Consistent releases, such as the recent Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update, bring new content for players to explore, but even older upgrades have hidden aspects that have yet to be revealed.

The Elytra is a feature first published in 2015 and continues to provide Minecraft users with new ways to play. The one-of-a-kind equipment may be found on end-of-the-line ships and grants the capacity to fly. Players can glide across the battlefield with uncommon wings, enabling a rapid escape from dangerous heights or a fun way to explore the adjacent area. While some players have discovered hidden ways to use Elytra, such as blasting fireworks or utilising Riptide-enchanted tridents to boost speed, others have discovered new ways to use the uncommon weapon. One Minecraft user used Elytra to make a TIE Fighter, bypassing the need to buy the Star Wars material bundle. Another player devised a novel way to bring passengers along for the journey by combining Elytra with leashes, pigs, and saddles. However, Elytra now has a new application.

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Bluekoma, a Reddit user, utilised a slow-falling potion and an Elytra to jump higher than he’d ever jumped before in Minecraft. Bluekoma donned an Elytra and leapt an astounding seven blocks after drinking a potion of slow falling. Bluekoma added a dirt block to their tower after a few practise runs with the seven-foot block height, eventually accomplishing an eight-block leap in a single bound. Bluekoma accidentally found how to jump higher in Minecraft when gliding using only the Leaping II and Slow Falling status effects.

You can do an 8 block "jump" with a slow falling potion and an elytra from Minecraft

Bluekoma used the status effect of the potion of slow falling to become nearly weightless in Minecraft, combining the new talent with an Elytra to glide eight blocks aloft. Minecraft players are usually limited to a single block every jump, while some in-game goods, such as the slime block or Jump Boost II potions, can somewhat increase a player’s vertical. But the potion of slow falling and Elytra method is the highest jump achievable without mods, bringing the highest possible jump to eight blocks. The technique can be utilised to reach new heights without the use of ladders or other obstructions.

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The Slow Falling Potion was added to Minecraft in 2018 as part of the Aquatic Update. It took more than three years for players to master the jumping technique in Minecraft, which dramatically improved jump height. It’s safe to assume that Minecraft’s possibilities will soar to new heights when Mojang releases Caves & Cliffs Part 2.

Minecraft is a game that may be played on any platform.

Source: Bluekoma/Reddit