A Minecraft Player Incorporates The Legend of Zelda’s Ocarina of Time Into The Game

A Minecraft Player Incorporates The Legend of Zelda's Ocarina of Time Into The Game

Minecraft and Zelda have reunited once more, with a Reddit user displaying a fully functional Ocarina of Time for their Zelda map.

A Minecraft user has created a playable recreation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s iconic ocarina using the game’s data and resource packs. The Nintendo 64 classic is still one of the most popular Zelda games, and it continues to inspire a slew of fan-made projects.

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Throughout Minecraft‘s lengthy existence, there have been innumerable player creations based on Nintendo properties, and there has always been a lot of crossover between the two fan communities. Even Nintendo hardware has appeared in the game, as evidenced by a player’s recent recreation of the Wii Remote in Minecraft. Nintendo has recognized the community overlap and provided officially licensed content to the Switch version of the game, but not all of the crossovers have come from fans. The business also included Steve, the familiar default character from Minecraft, as a playable DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Legend of Zelda is frequently ported to Minecraft, as evidenced by projects like Reddit user CinTrielya’s functional ocarina. The item can play the same notes as the N64 original and even has the same user interface, making it a near-perfect replica of the Ocarina of Time. It also features all of the game’s renowned melodies, some of which even modify the world in the same way they did in the original game when Link played them. CinTrielya performs the Song of Storms, the Sun’s Song, and the Song of Time.

I’ve made the Ocarina of Time from Zelda in Vanilla Minecraft! | #LoZ: Colored Sword from Minecraft

This work, according to CinTrielya, does not necessitate the use of any mods or modding tools. They were able to construct it utilizing Minecraft’s data packs and resources and some NBT storage via console instructions in the base game. CinTrielya has been working on a much larger Zelda-themed adventure map for a long time, and their depiction of Kakariko Village can be seen in the ocarina presentation.

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It’s always interesting to see what kinds of games people make in Minecraft, especially when they don’t require mods to work. CinTrielya claims that this concept has taken a lot of work and that there is still a lot more to do, but it won’t take another year like this intricate Minecraft build of the Great Fox. Many Reddit users are eager to get their hands on this map as soon as it becomes accessible.

Source: CinTrielya/Reddit