10 Handy Uses for Your Old iPad or Android Tablet

10 Handy Uses for Your Old iPad or Android Tablet

Here we can see, “10 Handy Uses for Your Old iPad or Android Tablet”

Tablet sales are slumping at the instant, probably as a result of big smartphones and convertible laptops chip away at a tablet’s usefulness. But if you’ve got one or more tablets reception gathering dust while you happily poke away at your giant smartphone, there are probably some good ways to place them to use instead of selling them or recycling them. So here are a couple of ideas.

Turn It Into Streaming Media Machine

Android and iOS apps for many streaming musics and video services are readily available, albeit not for tablets. So why not augment a hi-fi stereo or a Bluetooth speaker with a passionate tablet controller? It’s much easier to manage than, say, a foreign control, and during a kitchen, a tablet is simpler to press buttons on than a smartphone. Pandora and Spotify are prominent examples, but a shared tablet is often paired with a Chromecast or Roku for easier Netflix browsing or streaming during a front room. And speaking of living rooms…

Use It as a Smart Remote Control

Logitech’s Harmony series of remotes may be a favorite among videophiles with big AV collections. But the Harmony system are often used with Android and iOS devices too, including tablets—and actually, the touch screen makes them much easier to program. Albeit you don’t have a passionate smart remote found out, many smart TVs and standalone systems like Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV offer small apps for mobile devices, not to mention dedicated cable boxes and receivers. Unfortunately, the individual quality of the apps notwithstanding, they are often way better thanks to navigating long lists or complex user interfaces.

Create a Desktop Widget Screen

If you’ve got a personal computer workstation, or maybe a laptop that you simply periodically plug into a monitor setup for more accessible work or play, and otherwise unused tablet can make an excellent accompaniment. Paired with a stand and a charger, it can make a handy dedicated email screen (especially with push email and residential screen widgets on Android), an RSS, Twitter, Facebook viewer, or maybe a second-screen tool for PC gaming enthusiasts to see their thermal statistics. Even programs permit you to display a screen filled with custom commands and macro keys that are then sent to your PC over the wireless network.

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Turn It Into Second Desktop Monitor

Want to measure the dual-screen desktop life without having to shop for any longer equipment? Several apps will let your computer treat your tablet as an additional monitor, either wirelessly via Wi-Fi or with an immediate USB connection (which also helps with charging). Note that, unlike most of the opposite uses on this list, iOS and iPads seem to be better supported for external displays, but it’s still possible on Android—just almost nearly as good.

Use It as a Guest or Kid’s PC

Setting up a whole computer only for guests to use once they visit you may be a little bit of a chore, but don’t forget that a phone or tablet is essentially an all-in-one computer that doesn’t get to be tethered to a standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Using guest mode on Android or iOS, it’s easy to let someone use your system and your network without having to line up a replacement account for them or grant them uncomfortably close access to your data. You’ll even add back a stand and a Bluetooth keyboard to form things easier for them. And in fact, tablets are already quite popular as “starter computers” for teenagers who aren’t quite old for a full-power Windows machine or their telephone.

Give It New Life as a Dedicated Smart Home Controller

Suppose you’ve invested enough money into wiring your house with intelligent gadgets, sort of a Nest thermostat, Wi-Fi lighting, automatic blinds, and even connected appliances. In that case, you’re probably already using your phone to regulate some or all of them. Install all of the applicable apps on a tablet, stick them during a home screen folder, mount the tablet on a wall with a charger, and you’ve got a vibrant hub for controlling everything within the house. Oh, and you would possibly want to place a personal identification number thereon thing, too—especially if it’s within kid reach.

Turn It Into a Dedicated Security Monitor or Baby Monitor

Your tablet features a Wi-Fi chip, one or two cameras, and a microphone. Meaning that if you’ll find an appropriate place to stay with constant power, it’s already well equipped to be a foreign control camera… which may be handy thanks to creating one if you’d wish to save dough on the genuine article. There are multiple iOS and Android apps specifically designed to show an otherwise unused device into a typical Wi-Fi camera with recording capabilities or a baby monitor, which will alert another mobile device with noise or movement notifications. It’s an excellent thanks to re-purpose your existing devices.

Convert It Into a Mini Arcade Cabinet

This one’s about only for the iPads because Android tablets aren’t standardized enough to be slipped into semi-custom cases that appear as if someone took a shrink ray to that old arcade machine from your childhood. But the results are undeniably excellent: these little stand-up cases include old-fashioned button and joystick controls (connected directly or wirelessly) and use an iPad’s screen as a replacement for an arcade CRT. There are many old and new games on the App Store that are compatible with these gadgets, and therefore the most widely-sold seems to be the branded iCade. Of course, you’ll do an equivalent thing with a daily stand and a Bluetooth controller, but where’s the fun in that?

DIY Your Own Car Stereo Screen

Suppose you’re a gearhead who’s seriously into the tech inside your car’s dashboard, and you’re comfortable voiding an enormous part of your manufacturer’s warranty. In that case, you’ll try replacing the top unit of your car stereo with a tablet. This is often a surprisingly popular car mod, especially for smaller tablets just like the Nexus 7. inspect dozens of guides and breakdowns on YouTube if you’re interested…and remember that in most places, it’s illegal to observe a video while you’re driving. These mods are best for music management and performance statistics, and even then, used carefully while the car is in motion.

Use It as a Dedicated Voice Control Hub

If you’ve been drooling over a voice-controlled gadget just like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, it’d have crossed your mind that your telephone can already do just about an equal thing. Ditto for your tablet—heck, Amazon is even putting screens in this stuff now. Google and Apple’s tablets can both be activated hands-free with “OK Google” and “Hey Siri” commands, and that they tie into most equivalent services. That being said, a passionate tablet won’t have the rather lovely 360-degree speakers or advanced microphones within the genuine article, except for the low price of free-because-you-already-have-it, it’s great.

A Note on Battery Life

For tons of those applications, you would possibly be wondering the way to use your tablet untethered and keep the battery going for quite each day or two. Consider that tons of those suggestions are periodical instead of constant—it’s not as if you would like to use a foreign for hours at a time. For instances where a fanatical dock or charger is impractical, remember to use your tablet’s airplane mode if you’re not actively connecting to the web. Combining low standby power use, no wireless drain, and A battery two to fourfold the one in your telephone, most tablets will last off the charger for every week or more.

10 Handy Uses for Your Old Android or iPad Tablet

Below we have mentioned a number of the simplest things that you can implement to form your old iPad to be utilized beautifully. So have a glance at these methods below.

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#1 Steam Media

Android and iOS have numerous media streaming apps. On your old tablet devices, you’ll install one among these apps then start to use it together with your compatible speakers. Playing music can become tons easier for you if you don’t have any portable audio system yet.

#2 Smart Remote

Many of you’d not be knowing that Android and IOS devices also can be used as remotes for smart TVs, AC, Refrigerators, etc. For this purpose, there are many intelligent remote apps on both Android and iOS!

#3 PC Companion

If you’ve got a desktop PC and employ it as a workstation, then some tablet companion could help with the tasks. Just use the tablet with the PC and collaboratively use it for several of the functions!

#4 Using as Second Computer Monitor

Through the apps and wire connections, you’ll even turn your tablet into a second monitor for your computer device.

#5 Gaming Console

Android and iOS contain numerous gaming apps support, and therefore the list is usually increasing. Finally, you’ll consider turning your old tablet into a functional gaming console!

#6 Smart Controller

For all types of Wifi controlled accessories within the house like bulbs, switches, etc., you’ll handle them during the old tablet. Just install the compatible app for the function and place your device in any fixed position!

#7 Surveillance Camera

If your old tablet is implemented with the camera, then you’ll cash in on that camera to spy or view any location all the time. This will become excellent security hardware for your house or business. For the transformation, you’ll install any particular app from the Google play store!

#8 Mini TV

YouTube is the most significant source of media, and there are numerous other apps for the live telecast of TV over tablet devices with Android or iOS. Use your old tablet as a TV by using the unique apps that would be easily found over the web or app store.

#9 Ebook Reader

The Android, also as ios, has numerous great apps to open and skim almost any digital file. EBooks are the original standard format of getting structured knowledge in sort of digital books. So your old tablet are often essentially used as an ideal eBook reader!

#10 Storage Device

If your tablet features substantial internal also as auxiliary storage space abilities, then you’ll successfully use your device to store any certain quiet information or data!

So after reading this text, you most likely might start to use your old iPad or Android tablet that you own. From the above sorts of using your old device, you’ll choose to grasp the corresponding benefits. At last, we hope that you liked this text, and if it’s so, please take some longer to share this text.


I hope you found this helpful guide. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

  1. What is the utilization of a tablet or iPad?

Between its ability to use Facebook, read email, and browse online, the iPad can replace a laptop for several people. With apps like Apple’s Pages and Numbers, Microsoft Office for the iPad, and therefore the ability to attach a keyboard, the iPad are often all the pc you would like.

  1. Is it safe to use an old Android tablet?

Your device becomes susceptible to unpatched vulnerabilities that are discovered since your device was last updated. However, if your threat model is minimal and you’re only using your device for general purposes, it’s still safe to use it as long as you’re not installing apps from unknown sources.

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  1. Can a smartphone last 10 years?

The stock answer that the majority of smartphone companies will offer you is 2-3 years. But, of course, that goes for iPhones, Androids, or any of the opposite sorts of devices on the market. the rationale that is the most expected response is that toward the top of its usable life, a smartphone will begin to hamper.

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